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Video Marketing Essentials is the most holistic road map for any marketer to implement video content in their marketing strategy. While video is the most effective marketing tool, it is also the most complex type of content to create. Let’s get started!
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Video Editing Terminology

Getting along with everything from day-to-day video production tasks to advanced editing and filming requires a solid understanding of video editing terminology. It helps you avoid any possible uncertainties or misunderstandings and gives you a strong sense of your activities.

Social Media Overview

The social media channels have a huge power when it comes to brand awareness, audience engagement and conversions. However, it takes quite some research before choosing the right channels for your audience. Your brand doesn’t need to be active on all platforms, it needs to be on the right ones. Also, the type of content and the way promotions work differ from network to network.

Web vs Mobile

The growing use of mobile devices has forced businesses to adapt everything, from their web pages to the smallest pieces of content. As of 2020, mobile traffic accounts for more than 50% of the whole internet traffic, so it is very likely your potential customers are coming from a mobile environment. Even the desktop content is becoming more mobile-like, so it’s essential to adjust your content accordingly.

Avoiding Trivial Content

Triviality is one of the biggest traps for content creators and it also applies to video editors and videographers. Mediocre content is what all of us want to avoid at all costs. While most of us rely on the strengths of our creativity, we sometimes need an inspirational boost and some guidelines to follow.

This is an introduction to video marketing. Find out how and why is it so important for brands and business. Learn how to easily integrate video content in your marketing strategy in a successful manner.

The video editing area comes with a range of widely unknown terms, which are meant to ease the work. From amateur to professionals, learning these terms will quickly get you started working.

Proper organization is the key to success in any work environment. Video editing means construction and deconstruction processes. An editor’s goal is to express both emotion and information to their audience by transforming RAW footage into works of art. To achieve the goal, you need to follow an organized workflow, so this chapter breaks down the production process into small steps that are easy to follow.

For succeeding in the long-term run, a brand needs to adapt to what customers want and need. In the last few years, social media has been representing the most user-interacting channels for brands. This interaction resulted in increasing sales, continuous improvement of product quality and broad diversification of brands’ portfolios. From picking up the right platforms to sponsoring the right content, every choice is important.

The differences between desktop and mobile designed content are huge. Mobile use has been on the rise, but desktop content should never be neglected. While both of them must equally be attractive and appealing, a video editor must clear out the final purpose of their content before starting any work.

Why are people going to care about my content? Because it answers the right questions. The quality of the final video is directly determined by the required level of production. From tutorials to promotional videos, each content category must meet its requirements, for both visuals and audio.

You are a great content creator. Your videos look amazing, but does anyone watch them? Does your content drive sales? Measuring the analytics data is crucial for understanding how your content performs, related to your audience. That’s how you will be able to improve the quality and the performance of your future content.

Establishing a budget is essential for creating professional projects and it saves plenty of time. It doesn’t matter if you have your own clients or you’re an employee. From cameramen to location, estimating the costs before the start of the production helps in developing quotes and proposals and, finally, turning the estimates into invoices. As a video producer, it’s important to know how to split projects with contractors, set payment terms and make sure you get paid correctly.

Triviality is a trap, but it can easily be avoided. This chapter gives clear guidelines on how to keep focused on creating content, how to enhance your creativity and how to get inspiration.

Telling a story plays a huge role in our communication as humans. Every time we talk about something, we tell a story: a story about ourselves, about someone, about an object, an event, or a product. Our communication relies on telling stories. A video is also a story, but it’s told visually. Learning how to write a good narrative first will help you create the perfect video.

Promotional videos represent a large percentage of the total video content people watch on social media daily. These are different from commercials: they are not trying to sell you something directly, they should be engaging, impactful and bring value to the audience.

Videos with stop motion animation have one of the highest engagement rates. People are also eager to share them on social because they’re visually very attractive, so why not use this filmmaking technique to promote yourself?

First introduced by Facebook, the auto-play function for videos was adopted by almost all social media platforms. If you create video content for social, it’s most likely going to be played without sound. Learning to express the full message soundlessly can be a challenge, but not impossible.

Nothing is more visually attractive and engaging than watching something that realistically happens in hours or days in just 30 seconds. Time-lapses are a big thing right now and can be used for anything. It’s also another type of content that is likely to be shared massively on social media.

The Videowaver Marketing project has started as a side hobby. We are a team of three passionate video editors/videographers, working as both freelancers and employees. Being in this field for more than 6 years, we decided we can also help others create video content and use it for marketing purposes.

We think anyone can create video content, so we just want to show you how easy you can do it. We started by sharing daily content (tips, suggestions, tutorials) on our social media pages and the Videowaver Blog was our next step. So, we took it to the next level and wrote a comprehensive guide, which took more than one year of hard work analysing data and updating information. We are very proud of it and we hope it will help a lot of people.

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